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In Life & Renewals Automation - UK Carline Guest Blog

UK Carline| 19 August 2021

The bread and butter of any business, leasing broker or not, is repeat custom. We’ve spent money getting someone in through the door and buying, but now we want them to come back. If they can bring a friend with them to buy something too? Even better.

UK Carline’s In Life department has been set up to take care of customers during their lease - from when the contract is signed and the vehicle delivered, through to when it’s time for their renewal.

The In Life process involves multiple touch-points with the customer, with the intention of providing answers to customer questions, advice, value, and just as a little regular reminder that we exist. These touch-points are also the ideal time to remind customers of our referral scheme, which for us, is a great value way of getting strong leads with a high buy-rate. We want our customers’ first thought to be what a great service they received through UK Carline when it comes time to get a new lease car.

These touch-points are time consuming. Even with a dedicated team, it’s unreasonable to expect every email or text to be typed up manually with great design, lovely pictures, and relevant links. It’s a time consuming process and, naturally, as a business we want our team to be able to maximise their efficiency, and with QV Systems we’re able to do just that. 

With the QV Systems Accelerate platform, we’re able to design and automate the sending of emails and text messages at valuable touch-points throughout the lifespan of a customer. This includes being able to read and pull data from the customer’s profile, which is both valuable for the automation process and important for the personalisation process.

Thanks to this process, looking after our customers in this manner has led to both an increase in customer retention - an additional 10% in an already highly contested market, and an increase in the man-hours the sales team can spend on new business growth. From a customer perspective, this has also allowed us to better advise on topics such as how to maintain their vehicles; and contract issues such as mileage increases, contract extensions etc. Ultimately, this has led to higher rates of customer satisfaction.

Paul Lowdon, UK Carline Commercial Director said, “We hear so many stories how customers feel neglected once a company has supplied the goods and they never hear from them again. The constant touch points we have configured via the Accelerate platform keeps UK Carline at the forefront of our customers' thoughts giving them the comfort that we are always available should they need us. Our company strap-line It’s not just a rental, It’s a relationship’ is delivered during these touch-points which definitely helps us retain our customers.”

About UK Carline
UK Carline are one of the UK’s biggest independent car leasing brokers who have strong relationships with some of the world’s most popular vehicle manufacturers. For more information on how you can lease your next new vehicle, click here and give us a call.

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