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Meet the Team

With over a 100 years worth of combined industry experience, our team use their insight, experience and knowledge to ensure our products, company and customers are ready for the future.

Leadership Team

Daniel Layne

Founder & CEO

Daniel lives in Bedford, and in his spare time enjoys spending time with his daughters, cooking, listening to music and trying to keep fit(ish). Daniel was once stopped in the street, photographed and featured in Just Seventeen magazine, in an article we have, as of yet, been unable to find. He claims this happened based on the strength of his shoes, a feature he carries into today as he is often found wearing his Batman converse.

Steven Clarke

Non-Executive Director

Steven is an experienced investor and chairman, of software and data businesses, supporting QV's growth strategy and people development.  Steven hails from the East Midlands where he went to Loughborough University and worked before venturing to London and Europe.  Steven is a keen cyclist taking on challenges to regularly raise funds for charity.  He does take some flak from his wife and 2 adult sons about his spending on cycling gear, and his part in a cycling movie called Riding with Mamils.

Tom Jones

Chief Information Security Officer

Tom is a technologist with 16 years experience in the FinTech industry being the founder of Mobile Productivity delivering successful Asset Finance Quotation and Front Office solutions. Born in South Africa 4th of 5 children by an Astronomer and Maths teacher parents he was then brought up in Australia before moving to Bexhill on Sea. Tom lives with his wife Katie, three children and their 20 year old cat Hettie. In his spare time, Tom is an avid sailor, with one of his most notable journeys being from Cornwall to the Scilly Isles in a 15 foot dinghy!