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What Happens Next When You Contact QV Support?

QV Team| 05 July 2021

When you become a QV Systems customer, not only do you receive access to market-leading functionality, but there is a dedicated support team to assist you every step of the way. In this blog, we spoke to Change and Implementation Manager Lauren Strang, all about how her and her team support QV customers. 

Can you sum up your job in three words?

Fast-paced, exciting and ‘no two days are the same’ (if I can count that as one word?!). 

Could you define your role? 

As a support and implementation specialist, my main responsibility is firstly to look after the support desk. Here, we ensure all queries are dealt with in an efficient manner and by the best person. While here, I help to configure their workflows and run training workshops for team members. Essentially, my job is handling and facilitating everything our customers require to ensure they’re happy and using the Accelerate platform in a way that has the most benefit to their business.  

When a customer sends a ticket into support, what happens next? 

A ticket can be submitted via the Accelerate platform or by emailing support directly. The ticket is then given a specific number and the customer will receive an acknowledgement email. In the first 30 minutes of submission, the support team will begin identifying what the issue is. 

There are a few ways we look to solve issues. If the ticket is a question of not understanding some functionality, we’ll often find the most applicable knowledgebase article and send it through. The QV knowledge base contains documentation that details different areas of QV’s functionality. All customers are provided access to this and it’s a great place to learn more about the business, the functionality and how to enhance your use of the system. 

If this issue is more complex or if the user is a more recent customer, we will typically impersonate and test the issue in our own environments. If we can’t resolve the issue straight away, we’ll escalate it to the correct QV team member and provide consistent updates. 

Once the ticket is resolved, the unique ID number means it’s never closed for good. Customers can easily re-open tickets simply by replying to it, and we’ll be there to provide support for whatever they need. 

What makes QV support different? 

When you contact QV support, you will always be speaking to a real person who can understand and help with your issue. You’ll see our personalities come through with different styles of communication, but our main focus is always servicing the customer. We really emphasise this personal experience which will ensure our customers have the best interaction with QV. 

When speaking to a support agent, you’re always speaking to someone who is well versed in every aspect of QV Systems, from configuration to functionality. As there are no bots or queuing systems involved in our support process, every customer will receive the same level of support.

How did you see interaction with QV support change when working conditions were shifting throughout lockdown? 

Throughout the lockdown, there were definitely more tickets sent into support. I think as everyone was forced into an environment without their colleagues, they relied on support for less complex issues when their own work-related support network was removed. As teams have begun to return to the office or have just become more comfortable working flexibly, we’re seeing people explore more efficient ways to use the system. Customers are taking more of an interest in how to use the functionality to the best of its ability, or explore new tools.

For me, it seems that the pandemic as a whole has forced people to recognise the importance of technology. We’re seeing that at QV Systems, as more people take ownership of how they want their Accelerate platform to service their business. 

What makes QV Systems a market-leading solution? 

When it comes to support and customer implementations, customers can essentially do everything if they want to. You could configure the system to be an end-to-end solution to suit all your specific requirements. 

The levels of flexibility in the system are second to none. Accelerate is one central system that holds all your information, it really becomes a member of your organization and we’re always here to support any changes or configurations you’d like to make! 


If you’re interested to find out more about these levels of configuration, take a look at our Accelerate platform. Book a strategy call to see how QV Systems could accelerate your business. 

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