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What is Accelerate? The QV Systems Platform.

QV Team| 11 June 2021

You may have heard us talk about Accelerate, QV Systems’ cloud-based platform that has helped our customers increase efficiency, time to market and revenue. But when we say Accelerate, what do we mean?

In this blog we breakdown what Accelerate is, the functionality, and how you can begin using it. 

What is Accelerate?

Accelerate is a lending, leasing and financing platform for automotive, asset and consumer finance businesses. From enquiry to in-life management, Accelerate adapts to your business needs to provide a seamless end-to-end experience for your customers.

A future-proofed financing platform, Accelerate brings internal and external teams and customers onto one system for transparency and efficiency. It optimises every step of the financing and leasing process. Ultimately, it allows you to deliver an unrivalled customer experience with the latest market-leading cloud-based technologies. 

How is it future-proof?

You’ll often hear us talking about Accelerate being future-proof. This means Accelerate will ensure your business can adapt to any market-changes that will inevitably occur. How can we do that? Accelerate is:

  1. Modular: 
    Accelerate is built on a flexible single codebase, making it modular. Modular means that you’re able to choose the specific functionality to enhance your business, rather than needing to purchase the entire system. Accelerate provides the option to replace your entire technology-stack, or choose products as and when you need them. 

  2. Cloud-native software:
    Typically, it’s difficult to update and scale your software as market changes require when utilising a legacy provider. Often, requests have to be made and a busy development timeline means trends come and go before you can take advantage of them! Accelerate is different. As a cloud-native platform, you’ll receive updates every week to ensure your business is always up-to-date with the latest innovations. 

  3. Open APIs:
    QV Systems has an extensive network of partnerships. We connect to a series of leading technology, consultancy and third-party services to provide seamless functionality across your business services. With Open APIs, we connect to these best of breed providers to provide you with not just a financing platform, but an ecosystem. 

What does your Accelerate look like? 

A future-proof financing platform, Accelerate will allow you to adapt faster, enhance your growth and improve your experience with the latest cloud-based tools. With in-depth visibility, automation and insights, Accelerate adapts to your business needs. 

You can take a look at the platform by choosing the industry most applicable to you, and navigating to the Accelerate section. You can then choose the products you require, and request a demo from the QV Team. 



How to get Started? 

Ultimately, Accelerate adapts to the specific needs of your business to optimise every stage of the customer journey, providing you with complete control over the financing and leasing processes. With in-depth visibility, automation and insights, Accelerate allows for a quicker time to market, better management oversight and ability to scale - provided by a market leading, future-proofed platform. Book a demo of the Accelerate Platform with the QV Systems team today. 

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