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QV Systems Announce Overseas Strategic Advisor

QV Team| 28 June 2021

QV Systems is delighted to announce that Dr Peter Thomas is now our Overseas Strategic Advisor, helping to establish the QV Systems Accelerate proposition firstly in Australia and then in APAC. A technology strategist, currently director of the global learning platform HaileyburyX, CEO of THEORICA and founder of the cybersecurity platform Upling, Peter was previously co-founder of the Leasing Foundation.

Daniel Layne, CEO of QV Systems said "Peter is a true heavy-hitter in the tech world and we are delighted to work with him as we continue to drive QV Systems forward on our mission for future-ready financing."

Peter said "I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Daniel and the team at QV Systems and explore how tech-led finance businesses in Australia can make the most of the Accelerate solution."

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