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Meet the Team: Chris Rose, Business Analyst

QV Team| 02 September 2021

Chris Rose is the newly appointed Business Analyst at QV Systems. Since leaving university 10 years ago, he has worked in automotive and asset finance, beginning his career in Development before moving into Support and Consultancy. In this new Meet the Team blog, we spoke to Chris about his new role, life at QV Systems and more. 

Firstly, you’ve worked in both automotive and asset finance for over 10 years. What are your current thoughts on the market? 

It’s a really interesting time in both markets as we’re seeing a lot of technological enhancement, spurred on by the pandemic. Customer expectations have changed in automotive and asset finance, and consumers now want a single, central, digital solution to meet their needs and these markets are adapting extremely quickly. That’s why I came to work for QV Systems, as the organisation is really poised to help businesses take advantage of these changes with market leading technology. 

What else brought you to work for QV Systems? 

I had seen the impact that was being made by QV in the market and it sparked my interest in the organisation. I also wanted to move from a more corporate environment, where I’d spent the past 8 years, to a smaller business so I could have more of an impact. 

Can you sum up your job as a Business Analyst in three words? 

Technical, customer-focused, creative. 

More specifically, how would you define what a Business Analyst does? 

As a Business Analyst, I take requirements from customers and translate them into technical terminology. From here, I’m able to build specifications and put those requests into parts of the QV functionality. Essentially, it’s translating business to technical! 

How would you describe your job to a child? 

I work to help people make the computer programs they want to make. People tell me what they want, and then I tell other people how to build it. 

What does a typical day look like for you at QV Systems? 

Typically, I spend most of my day taking descriptions from the QV team of functionality or propositions, and translating them from ‘business language’ into flow charts, wireframes, swimlanes and any other mockups that will help to explain this both to the customer and to our technical teams. Within this, I also spend a lot of my time thinking about places within those requirements where something may have been missed, or where functionality could be improved. 

What do you like most about your job?

As a problem solver, I love that my job allows me to be technically creative. I spend a lot of time thinking about how problems can be best approached to be best solved, and that’s not something you often have access to in other technical roles.

If you could switch jobs with someone at QV for a day who would it be? 

It would definitely be anyone in Development. As I started my career in Development, it would be great to work there for a day (but with less pressure!). 

What about more generally for a day? 

I’d have to say my wife. She’s a primary school teacher, so it would be fun to see what her day is like teaching a class of children. Only for a day though! 

Lastly, what do you like about QV as a business? 

QV has a willingness to change, develop and take on new ideas. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen new ideas and development going into the software at a rate I’ve not seen before. It’s exciting to see, and to be working for a company that prioritises this kind of innovation to make our customers’ lives easier. 


Chris lives with his wife, 6 month old daughter and cat, Amber, in Wokingham.



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