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QV Customer Portal: Putting Your Customers First

Lauren Strang| 11 September 2023

Gone are the days of dedicating countless business hours to manually keeping your customers up to date: we look at how our upcoming Customer Portal will remove the middle-man for your end customers.

Over recent years all of us have been somewhat forced to accept that technology is the key to providing fast and efficient service to our customers, with customers needing updates and access to information at all times. However, in both the automotive and asset finance industry this has highlighted the significant overhead and battle of staff maintaining a high level of customer service while managing the continual inbound queries.

undefinedAt our Customer Day in February 2023 we heard our customers' concerns about this and realised we were in a position to provide a solution to this problem. Just over six months on and we’re about to launch our keenly anticipated Customer Portal: giving end-customers a self-serve portal where they can login and manage their data and deals, removing the need for a human to always be at the other end of the line.

Our customers and prospects often tell us how their teams are spending an increasing amount of time on admin tasks relating to deals. As the end-customer is less inclined to visit dealerships, or meet brokers face-to-face, teams are answering more phone calls and replying to more emails. Additionally, in the automotive industry the recent uncertainty with lead times has meant updating customers on delivery dates is a daily task.

At our last customer day we understood that giving end-customers somewhere they can view their data, and receive updates directly from the brokers business platform was vital to reducing this overhead. We spent the first two months of 2023 documenting our vision for our Customer Portal, and by July we had a product ready to start testing.

undefined-2Within the first version of our Customer Portal you are able to give your end-customers
access to their information, current quotations and orders, and also manage their existing agreements - meaning the information they need is at their fingertips. Additionally, the portal will allow customers to contact your team electronically which will feed messages directly into Accelerate, our flagship finance platform.

Customer satisfaction is a key driver for renewals and ongoing business, after all it is much cheaper to resell to an existing customer than acquire a new one. The increased admin overhead highlighted earlier can have a detrimental impact on customer satisfaction. With more queries coming in, teams are stretched, which can lead to customer service failures.

Our Customer Portal will ensure both increased customer satisfaction in terms of updates on ongoing deals, and also increased brand awareness throughout the life-cycle of the contract. Your Customer Portal can be branded to match your company’s colour schemes, meaning your customers will feel closer to your business and like they are part of a customer community.

undefined-1To ensure that your portal is constantly in-line with your business, the ability to edit and update your branding and configuration is entirely at your fingertips. Our ethos is to empower our customers to understand the technology they are using and own their system, and this doesn’t stop with our Customer Portal.

In order to keep businesses moving forward and progressing in the digital revolution, customers' information needs to be securely stored and easily accessible. To have the ability to view, download and progress with their enquiries and proposals will mean significant reductions in admin overhead, giving your teams more time to focus on wider business objectives.

To find out more about our Customer Portal, please click here to book a call with us.

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