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Accountscore Partnership

QV Open Banking

Connect with your customers more efficiently with Open Banking functionality. By partnering with AccountScore, QV Systems streamlines your data flow between you and your customers to help you create a seamless experience.


The Open Banking Revolution

Open Banking improves the accessibility of financial data while maintaining full security for a seamless customer experience. With our AccountScore integration, you can instantly gather, share and edit all the information you need to assess and approve a loan or lease.

  • Eliminate data entryBy sharing data directly between systems, brokers and funders can reduce manual entry and errors.
  • Secure systemsDirect API connections ensure all information is moved under secure, encrypted processes.
  • Faster processesWith a digital approach, you can share information in a more streamlined manner, to close deals faster.
Straight-through-processing with QV Systems and AccountScore

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Through QV Systems, brokers can submit a deal via AccountScore PDF or Token, directly to their chosen funders.

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Funders can then instantly review the deal 'on system', reply directly to the broker, all through the QV Systems Accelerate Platform.

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Revisions and confirmation between customers and funders are all managed through the platform, reducing the chance for error and enhancing customer experience.

About AccountScore


AccountScore is the UK’s leading Open Banking data and analytics provider for the financial services sector. With over 10 years’ experience in bank transaction data analytics for income & credit risk assessment they enable clients to benefit from tools such as instant income verification, digital identity, credit risk indexes, affordability calculators and actionable insights.

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