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How Wessex Fleet Keep Their Customers Moving

Wessex Fleet are a fleet management and leasing company based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. They specialise in supplying new vehicles throughout the UK, helping customers to manage, maintain and review fleets.

At the heart of everything Wessex does is to help keep businesses moving, so a system that facilitates full visibility is vital to their operations. Before becoming a QV Systems customer, Wessex faced the challenge of providing oversight for managers and employees to undertake their day-to-day tasks, customer follow ups and have foresight of future opportunities in their sales funnel.

To mitigate these issues, Wessex began the search for a system that would provide this visibility, allow for scalability, and tailor the system to suit their requirements without additional fees. Most importantly, the system needed to be built specifically for the automotive industry, so Wessex could continue to provide a market-leading customer service with ease.

Having reviewed the market, Wessex decided to use the QV Systems Accelerate platform. With the ability to streamline their processes for customer and dealer interactions, and the ability to produce business-improving data at the touch of a button, QV Systems became the logical choice.

We asked Marketing Manager Will Bullen how they have found using the system, and where they’re looking to go in the future:

“The QV Systems Accelerate platform is built to scale. As a rapid growth business, it’s helped us to ensure that we have everyone working efficiently while allowing management to have an easy-to-achieve comprehensive overview. The ability to tailor the system to our business use via status and actions, has meant that no matter how busy we get, our sales process remains streamlined and steps are never missed. This has led to more sales, more customers, and an increase in retention rate.

QV offered us a simple, easy to us system that allows us to view exactly what we had, have and what we need to work on next. Because of the Accelerate platform, we’ve seen some real success within our sales department. Our salespeople thrive with a system that tells them exactly what they need to work on each day, leading to better performance and conversion rate.

Thanks to the functionality provided by the system, we’ve seen an increase in prospects without increasing our headcount. This has led to a significant increase in profitability. We are now continuing to plan for further growth, with QV as the real driving force behind that.”


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