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Vanaways are a leasing business, changing the way consumers purchase vans, lease cars and fund assets by providing a simple and convenient service. Supplying the customer with the best possible pricing is at the centre of their business, and they utilise QV Systems’ Accelerate platform to help make this a reality.

When starting Vanaways, the business ran on several different systems that all worked well independently of each other, but these standalone functions soon limited their growth. Rekeying quickly became time consuming and led to inevitable human errors when transferring information between different systems and spreadsheets.

To solve these issues, Vanaways began looking for a solution that fitted their exact needs. The search took months, but still, they couldn’t find anything that worked for all aspects of the business without a compromise. To ensure the investment of time and money paid off, getting their new system right on the first try was of the upmost importance.

Having found QV Systems, Vanaways settled on the Accelerate solution. The system was specific to the industry, with further developments consistently planned, making it increasingly scalable as Vanaways continued to grow.

We spoke with Marketing Manager Lee Ackerman to discuss why they chose QV Systems, and how they’ve found using the Accelerate platform so far:

“Vanaways have always been a firm believer in the saying ‘you can’t manage what you can’t measure’, and this was incredibly important for us when choosing a system for our business. In using the Accelerate platform, the reporting functions are great, and we now create custom reports for absolutely everything!

We can’t emphasise enough how powerful QV is as a tool for our business. It’s like a Swiss Army knife to us, it’s one tool that does it all.  From sales to sales admin, to accounts, and then back through to marketing to drive more sales, we can customise the workflows, automations, and reports to suit everyone.

Accelerate really feels like a bespoke system, it’s very easy to use and affordable. The fact that it’s cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere really makes it a no brainer.

QV Systems is certainly one of the best investments we made; at the time as a young business, it gave us a great reliable platform to allow us to grow our business.  We started with just a couple of users, and now everyone in the business uses QV all day every day. It is a cornerstone in the foundations of our business.”

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