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Established in 2006, Synergy Car Leasing is one of the UK’s leading leasing brokers, founded on the principle of delivering an excellent leasing experience to its clients. Now, 15 years later, the business has grown significantly but still serves each client with the same market-leading experience they first set out to achieve. Their customer service is so successful in fact, that they have been the recipients of the Feefo Platinum Trusted Service Award for two consecutive years.

What’s their secret to fantastic customer service? We don’t have all the answers, but we interviewed Founder and CEO Paul Parkinson on how the QV Systems Accelerate platform has helped.


Receiving the Feefo award in 2020 and 2021 is a huge achievement! Can you give us some background on Synergy, and why this award means so much?

Since establishing Synergy 15 years ago, delivering an excellent leasing experience remains at the heart of the company. We always wanted to maintain that personal connection with customers and have managed to continue to do that as we’ve scaled. That’s one of the reasons we chose QV Systems as our provider of choice.


So, when you were looking for a solution, was there a particular problem you were trying to solve?

Prior to looking for a more specific solution, we were using a basic database system. As Synergy prides itself on communication with our customers by providing proactive updates on the status of a vehicle order, we found that this database was no longer suitable for the increase in the size of the business. The team’s time was taken up with manual tasks, which led to inevitable instances of human error and repetitive data input. For example, we were typing out a single customer’s address up to 12 times on different correspondence and documentation! Because of this, we began looking for an industry-specific solution that could be fit for purpose in the longer-term, while allowing us to maintain our customer service focus.  We also wanted to be able to free up our client services team’s time in order to process more deals, maintain our high levels of communication and not have to significantly increase headcount to achieve this.  


Why did you then choose QV Systems?

We chose QV Systems as it was specific to our industry, works well in the leasing broker sector and offers a fully compliant solution. The Accelerate platform helps us to ensure that our customers are fully informed of the pros and cons of the leasing experience and understand contractual information with an easy-to-read quote.

The ability to configure the system to our bespoke business practises has helped to make it as easy as possible for our customers to do business with us. Its scalability is important to us, and Accelerate has grown with Synergy, without forcing us to compromise on our commitment to our customers.


Did you have any initial reservations regarding QV Systems?

At the time we became a QV Systems customer, QV was a smaller organisation so we were interested to see how they would grow. As we have grown, so has QV Systems and as we’ve both continued our journeys, we’ve formed a strong partnership that has helped us to adopt updated processes that will continue to evolve.


What were the key aspects of the Accelerate platform you’ve found particularly helpful or impressive?

As an industry specific solution, Accelerate has adapted to industry changes with ease. More specifically, the ability to configure letters, templates, emails, reminders, and tasks makes it easy to ensure the customer is getting the right information at the right time. We strive to make our customer journey as seamless as possible, and an easy, intuitive solution saves time for our sales team, making life easy for both us and our clients.

With tools like e-signature, order updates and our own quote templates, Accelerate reduces admin, and ensures that customers have the same great experience no matter which member of our team customers are speaking to.

The Accelerate platform has helped to maintain our high levels of customer service, and has assisted us achieving our double Platinum Feefo Trusted Service Award by allowing frequent customer communication.


What measurable benefits have you seen since using the Accelerate platform?

As we’ve grown, Accelerate has enabled us to increase service levels and continue to grow. We’ve been able to service more customers while keeping headcount increases in proportion.


What plans do you have to use Accelerate in the future?

Synergy is confident that as we continue to expand, QV Systems can evolve and deliver what we need. We will continue to build on our existing partnership, to keep consistently delivering an excellent leasing experience to our customers.