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Motorlet is a vehicle leasing company, providing customisable car and van lease deals for personal and business use across the UK.

Josh Mills, Sales Manager at motorlet, would best describe his team as: “A bunch of charismatic, beautiful people who bring all of the best dealers and funders together, to ensure customers get the most competitive lease deals and service.”

That’s why he picked QV Systems – he knew motorlet would benefit from a service that adopted the same ideologies and could assist with major growth.

For motorlet, QV Systems have provided a step up in terms of the business’s abilities. Ideas, brands, and customisation were all easily attained and successfully adaptable to motorlet’s specific needs. It was important to motorlet that they were able to find new ways to service their customers – QV Systems allowed them to test their methods and find the best ways to provide that customer service. As a result, motorlet experienced massive business progression - thanks to the addition of QV’s services.

 Josh said: “QV Systems have been great for growth, which is something I am sure will continue.”