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MotoNovo Finance

MotoNovo Finance were looking to focus on corporate customers, and build a commercial business within MotoNovo Finance to manage customer relationships and leads. At the time, the only option available to manage these leads was a spreadsheet that would have become chaotic as the channel grew and would not allow for leads to be distributed automatically. 

As this was a completely new area of the business for MotoNovo Finance, they became aware of the potential challenges that lay ahead if they could not find a solution to manage the leads. Having been made aware of the QV Systems solution early on in this process, and opted for the solution straight away as they could see the benefit to their team. Since implementing the solution, MotoNovo’s customer contract strategy has been executed beyond expectations, due to the scheduling and efficient MI & Reporting offered by QV Systems’s solution. 

Claire Fussey, Commercial Sales Manager at MotoNovo Finance, stated MotoNovo "chose QV Systems because it offered the functionality we required, it was fairly straight-forward to implement into our business, and the cost was within budget. Working with QV Systems has been a great experience overall. The solution provides exactly what we needed to get this division up and running, we have asked for some bespoke support and tweaks to the system and received this without hesitation. We have been able to expand the use of the system into new areas for our business and it still remains fit for purpose.”