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Leasepoint provides vehicle leasing and fleet services to business and personal leasing customers throughout the UK.  

Leasepoint required a system that would meet their customer-focused requirements with automation, innovation and scalability. Having looked at several other systems, Leasepoint found most to be too clunky and complicated. Having decided on QV, and in using the system for over 4 years now, Leasepoint have found the Accelerate platform to be extremely comprehensive, being particularly impressed with its scalability. In 2016, Leasepoint would often have around 30 to 40 vehicles pending in their pipeline at any one time, which proved time consuming to manage with a largely paper based process. As of now, they have approximately 100 pending vehicle deliveries in the pipeline at any one time, and feel confident that they have the right infrastructure in place, due to QVs functionality.

QV's Accelerate platform also allowed the Leasepoint team to work from home easily throughout the pandemic, with security measures remaining firmly in place. 

Roger Whittaker, Managing Director at Leasepoint commented:

"We were pleased to have a cloud-based system operating our business, meaning we could easily work from home throughout the pandemic without any interruptions. QV has allowed us to significantly increase the number of vehicles in our pipeline with ease, and has reduced the time from prospect to customer. We are really pleased with the Accelerate platform, and have been happy and confident with the functionality and scalability provided." 


If Leasepoint's story sounds similar to yours, get in touch with the QV Systems team to see if we can assist your business in the same way.