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IN-SYNC Credit Services

IN-SYNC Credit Services required a solution that would provide a slick and efficient customer journey, from initial contact through to vehicle delivery. In needing a fully automated end to end infrastructure that would allow them to scale and adapt in line with market trends, IN-SYNC considered a number of solutions but found none to be as agile as QV Systems’s offering. 

Prior to partnering with QV Systems, IN-SYNC’s infrastructure was mainly manual, archaic and fairly inefficient which carried the risk of human error. This meant they could only complete a certain level of business each month, which impacted IN-SYNC’s ability to support the growing demands from their customers. IN-SYNC required a partner that could support their bespoke offering, and have a full understanding of what they needed to achieve. 

Phil Colman, Operations Manager for IN-SYNC Credit Services stated “from the moment we met with QV Systems, and worked through some discovery sessions, it was clear that the basis of what we wanted was already there, and the technical understanding of the team meant they could (and still do) support us with our solution. We have been able to double the monthly transactions from our outgoing infrastructure due to the level of automation that QV Systems provides.”