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“As a leasing brokerage, we had been operating with a different CRM for over 20 years. We also operated a separate bespoke order processing system and an internal pricing platform.  The challenge we faced was that the core systems could not communicate to each other in both directions.  So whilst they all functioned perfectly in isolation, there was a lot of duplication of work and manual intervention.

When we assessed our plans for growth, it was clear we needed to make a change to drive efficiencies across both sales and operations, part of which would have to be driven by system change. As with any system, there is no golden bullet, but on balance QV Systems offered the best overall solution to cater for all areas of the business.

After the implementation of the system and the process change, we have seen much improvement in our sales process, conversion rates and customer engagement. As a result our sales team are now more efficient and therefore able to handle a higher volume of enquiries and orders.” - Geoff Cockerill, Sales & Operations Director, AFL