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Yorkshire Vehicle Finance

Yorkshire Vehicle Finance were looking to modernise their business and move away from a largely inefficient paper based processes, to better their reporting capabilities and improve the speed and effectiveness of their decision making for a better customer experience. 

With a paper based system, communication between the Yorkshire Vehicle Finance team was poor, and staff were generally unable to determine the progress of enquiries other than their own. Without a usable CRM solution, YVF were unable to scale their business effectively and were subsequently left with a cumbersome customer journey that was affecting their ability to be competitive. 

After contemplating a variety of CRM solutions, QV Systems was considered the best decision for a number of reasons. As larger CRM providers were inflexible, and 'one man bands' could not provide the comprehensive support YVF required, QV Systems provided a customised CRM that fitted their bespoke needs. With the standardised and structured data offered by QV Systems, YVF are now able to produce key reports that enable them to make better decisions, faster. Their whole process is now far more streamlined, with features like online proposal forms and E-Sign documents having drastically sped up their processes, and improved their customer experience into a market-leading one. YVF also commented that where producing funder reports would have been considerably time-consuming, they are now able to produce these at a moments notice.

Graham Malia, Director of Yorkshire Vehicle Finance stated “Simply put, the business would likely not have been able to survive the coronavirus pandemic without QV Systems. We would not have been able to operate on a home working basis without them. They have changed the way our business operates and have provided us with a flexible and easy-to-use CRM solution. The software has streamlined nearly every area of our business, from the initial enquiry through to managing our existing clients. Our whole team is now more connected and communication across the business has vastly improved. The support we have received from QV Systems has been excellent. We are certainly doing more business due to this streamlined customer journey, our business processes look more secure, professional and modern to our clients. They have an infrastructure that is big enough to support our needs whilst still maintaining a personal, friendly and professional service. I would be happy to recommend QV Systems to any leasing broker in need of a comprehensive CRM solution.”