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Do you sell auto leases to corporate customers? If your company does not have this tech in place, you are missing out on £000’s.

Do you sometimes feel you're missing out on deals to competitors for reasons you don’t understand? It might not be because your competitors have better salespeople or better relationships. Pricing matters. Many leasing firms don’t waste hundreds of hours each month sorting out discount terms.


While you wait days for your colleagues to input OEM discount prices into spreadsheets, your competitors are already closing deals.

It’s because they’re using Discount Management from QV Systems. 

Using Discount Management lets salespeople and pricing teams collaborate to create bespoke winning deals for corporate customers, cutting days [and sometimes weeks] out of the sales cycle.

One of a suite of cloud-native, high-automation solutions for the asset leasing industry, Discount Management is easily and quickly integrated, sitting neatly on top of existing technology estates. If you are thinking that your company’s IT development capacity will delay you innovating, that's no longer a problem.

Putting this in place means you’re out of the traps before competing leasing firms and armed with better deals to engage customers and do more deals. 

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