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Celebrating Gridserve & Zenith's Awards at the Fleet News Awards 2023

QV Team| 27 March 2023

Accelerating Success: Celebrating Gridserve and Zenith's Awards at the FNAwards

What is Fleet News (FNAwards)?

The Fleet News Awards (FNAwards) is an annual event that recognises and celebrates excellence in the fleet management and automotive industry. The awards are presented to companies and individuals who have made significant contributions to the sector and have demonstrated innovation, sustainability, and customer excellence.

In this blog post, we'll be celebrating the recent awards won by two of our customers - Zenith and Gridserve - at the FNAwards. We'll also showcase how our "Accelerate" platform has contributed to their success and how it can benefit other businesses in the asset finance and automotive sector.


Gridserve: EV Charge Point Operator of the Year

Gridserve, a company dedicated to providing sustainable and renewable energy solutions, was recognized as the "EV Charge Point Operator of the Year" at the #FNAwards. GRIDSERVE Car Leasing was established in 2020 to ensure companies of all sizes and budgets are able to access clear, honest and unbiased information on making the switch to EVs and, importantly, how to manage that switch.

With industry-first initiatives that include multi-brand EV test drives, EV Experience Days and the planting of 100 trees for every vehicle leased, this individually tailored service has helped GRIDSERVE Car Leasing achieve a Trustpilot score of 4.8.

Now, Gridserve is launching a dedicated salary sacrifice programme to further support and accelerate the electrification of vehicle fleets. More on this soon….

At QV Systems, we're proud to have played a small role in Gridserve's success. Our platform has helped Gridserve manage and streamline their operational processes, enabling them to focus on their core mission of providing sustainable energy solutions. By providing a comprehensive range of tools and solutions, we've assisted Gridserve to drive their business forward and achieve their sustainability goals.


Zenith: Leasing company of the year (more than 20,000 vehicles)

Zenith, a leading independent leasing, fleet management and vehicle outsourcing business, was awarded the "Leasing company of the year (more than 20,000 vehicles)" at the #FNAwards. Zenith has been able to achieve this distinction thanks to their innovative use of technology to enhance their leasing and fleet management services.

The Future of Asset Finance and Automotive

The asset finance and automotive sector is evolving rapidly, driven by technology and changing customer expectations. At QV Systems, we're committed to helping businesses in this sector embrace this change and thrive in this new environment.

We believe that the key to success in this industry lies in embracing innovation, harnessing the power of technology, and providing a superior customer experience. Zenith and Gridserve have demonstrated that with the right tools, the right approach, and the right mindset, anything is possible. They have shown that it's possible to drive business outcomes and achieve sustainability goals while also providing a superior customer experience.

Accelerate by QV Systems: The Platform that Drives Success

At Accelerate, we're proud to have played a small part in the success of both Zenith and Gridserve. Our platform has been designed to provide a comprehensive range of tools and solutions for businesses in the asset finance and automotive sector. From streamlining operational processes to managing complex financial transactions, Accelerate has helped Zenith and Gridserve achieve their goals and drive their businesses forward.

If you're a business in the asset finance and automotive sector, and you're looking to drive growth, improve operational efficiency, and deliver a superior customer experience, Accelerate is the platform for you. Our comprehensive solutions enable you to make informed decisions, automate key processes, and focus on your core mission.

In Conclusion

The FNAwards are a testament to the innovation, hard work, and dedication of the people and companies in the asset finance and automotive sector. We congratulate Zenith and Gridserve on their well-deserved awards and their commitment to excellence. We're proud to have played a small part in their success, and we look forward to helping more.

Head of Business Development

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