Integrated loan and lease management software

Simplify your contract management workflow with all your processes on a single end-to-end platform. Luca enables automotive, asset and consumer finance businesses to increase efficiency, reduce error and amplify revenue with full contract life-cycle management in the cloud.

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Unleash your back office

Luca connects every element of your contract management process, in a complete SaaS integrated loan and lease management platform. Connecting directly to QV Systems’ calculation engine, you can easily track and manage events to create a consistent experience across your portfolios.

  • Complete visibility & control Easily manage one or many portfolios from end to end with unlimited volume and comprehensive reporting.
  • Simplify your processes Manage every stage of the contract lifecycle with one system, from front to back office across multiple functions.
  • End-to-end efficiency Reduce operational costs and focus on revenue-generating work with automated workflows, faster processes and custom configuration.

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Luca: The father of financial efficiency

Luca takes its name from Fra Luca Paciolo, the father of double-entry bookkeeping. A friend of Leonardo da Vinci, his methods revolutionised business operations based on efficiency and profitability. We see Luca as an inspiration for how we partner with our customers, as we help you to streamline your operations to ensure you’re maximizing your potential, now and into the future.

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Insightful people

We understand the problems facing the industry and believe in finding effective new ways to overcome them.

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Explorative spirit

We’re on a mission to discover and develop new technologies that help businesses run better.

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Robust systems

You can rely on us to keep you and your customers’ data safe, secure, and compliant in a fast changing world.

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Innovative products

We look ahead to the products that will help you attract new customers, streamline your operations and supercharge your revenues.

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