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Instant cloud-based calculations

Move faster with our calculation engine API, delivering consistent, scalable calculations for automotive, asset and consumer finance businesses.

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All your calculations in one place

Streamline your calculation process with a single source of truth for your whole business. Cora saves time, energy and resources with an all-in-one cloud-based calculation engine. 

  • Simplify processes Optimise your process with industry-standard calculations across every application and function, including VAT deferral and seasonal payment profiles.
  • End-to-end control Centralise control with full visibility over calculations across the contract lifecycle, from onboarding to termination.
  • Enhanced efficiency Scale your business, streamline product development and eliminate rate disputes with a single defined calculation engine.

Illustration by Katie Allen

Cora: The Secret Face of Innovation

The story of Cora starts with the earliest days of programming and digital technology. As NASA introduced the first computers, male engineers and scientists couldn’t believe a machine could perform their calculations. Thus a team of female programmers was the first to complete these essential tasks. Cora takes its name from a specific IBM 1620 that this team was so fond of, she even got her own office. Today, the name reminds us of our commitment to innovation and diversity, and the courage it takes to defy the status quo and win the race.

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Insightful people

We understand the problems facing the industry and believe in finding effective new ways to overcome them.

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Explorative spirit

We’re on a mission to discover and develop new technologies that help businesses run better.

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Robust systems

You can rely on us to keep you and your customers’ data safe, secure, and compliant in a fast changing world.

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Innovative products

We look ahead to the products that will help you attract new customers, streamline your operations and supercharge your revenues.

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